The Mending Center - Providing Help for the following Programs

Emergency Shelter READ MORE>

Recovery Program for men, women and children (Individual Support)  READ MORE> 

Detention Center Recovery  READ MORE>

Social Services  READ MORE>

Health Clinic  READ MORE>

Employment Program  READ MORE>

Transitional Housing  READ MORE>

International Refuges  READ MORE>

Parenting Classes  READ MORE>

Education Program  READ MORE>

Self Help Program  READ MORE>

Hispanic  READ MORE>

Mentor-ship  READ MORE>

Life Skill Program  READ MORE>

Financial Life Investment Program  READ MORE>

Committee Activity  READ MORE>

Senior Citizenship Program  READ MORE>

Marriage Crisis  READ MORE>

Abuse Neglect  READ MORE>

Teenage Pregnancy  READ MORE>

As Risks Children  READ MORE>

24 hr. Call Center  READ MORE>

Family Crisis  READ MORE>

Handicapped/disable  READ MORE>

Foster Care  READ MORE>

Food Pantry  READ MORE> 

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